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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Brian Hayes and Ruiari Quinn Hijab Debate with Bashir at the Dial

Debating Ruiari Quinn and Brian Hayes at the Irish Parliament room in the (Dial) Tuesday 8/7/2008.

ندوة بين روري كوين من حزب العمال وبراين هيز من فينا قيل وبشير من اللوبي المسلم في البرلمان الايرلندي (الدووييل) يوم الثلاثاء الماضي 8/7/2008

وكان محور النقاش هو العلمانية والحجاب واحترام الاديان في الدول العلمانية. وقد قرأت آية الحجاب في القران بالانجليزي لاقناعهما بانها قانون اسلامي وليس عادة. وان النساء لهن كامل الحرية في أي بلد في العالم بان يرتدين الحجاب ام لا ولا للاباء يد في عقابهن اذا لم يردن لباس الحجاب لانه امر ايماني. وان بناتنا يرتدين الحجاب بارادتهن كما تفعل المراة المسلمة عند ما تعتنق الاسلام. وانهن يلبسن الحجاب منتاسقا مع البدلة المدرسية في اللون والذوق. وان الحجاب ليس شعارا للاسلام وان شعارنا هو الهلال الذي تجده فوق مآذن المساجد. وان السياسيين لا يجب ان يتدخلوا في امر مثل هذا الا اذا كانوا يؤيدون الحجاب. وان عداء المسلمين في ايرلندا والعالم ليس من الحكمة في شئ. وان الايرلنديين كانوا يفجرون لندن وبرمنجهام وكانوا مطلوبيين للمحاكم البريطانية فلا يجب ان تضيقوا على المسلمين بسبب دينهم. وان اذا لم نستطع المحافظة على ديننا فماذا تريدوننا ان نفعل ؟ هل تريدوننا ان نشرب الخمر ونخرج الى المراقص ونتعاطى الحشيش والافيون والابر وما الى ذلك ام تريدون ان نتقابل في نقاط ما بين الثقافة الاسلامية والثقافة الايرلندية. ثم ان الايرلنديين في بريطانيا وامريكا لا زالوا يحتفظون بثقافتهم وعاداتهم بل لهم حانات خاصة واماكن تجمع خاصة ولا زالوا يحيون بهاديز داي فلما لا نحترم ثقافاتنا ونفهم بعضنا ونتفهم مشاكلنا ونعيش في سلام.

The subject of the debate is that how come a secular state would interfere with religious teachings when no harm done to others? there seem to be a misleading understanding of the whole issue of the Hijab. To our information the headmaster of the Wexford school has accepted Hijab with no further problem. Trying to talk to both Brian Hayes and Ruiari Quinn to ask them not to back the idea of banning Hijab from school.

1. Introduction to Hijab
What we would love to see in this life is harmony respect decency tolerance discipline understanding and caring. these attributes have to be enforced in our society, for the well being of our children.
The symbol of Islam is the Crescent and Star which you would find on top of the Mosque. Hijab is not a symbol of Islam, but it is a must and a task has to be observed by women. Hijab is not a matter of choice, it is an order from Allah, as the Quran prescribes. It was explained to Brian Hayes and Ruiari Quinn that and shown the verse in Quran.
Sisters of Jewish and Christian faith observe the Hijab. Islam, Christianity and Jewdism are all heaven religions which unite in wearing Hijab, and they are similar in many decent values
, for instance, be good to your neighbour, don’t thieve, don’t hurt others, be nice to your parents, and so on. Still some christian sisters wear Hijab up to now in Ireland. In fact holy Mary always pictured with Hijab, in schools and we saw Mother Teresa in Hijab and today still we see most religious women of different faiths wear the Hijab. Only recently Hijab was popular in catholic Ireland. In fact many still remember those days in Ireland where their own mothers wear hijab to meet an outsider man. I myself heard on the radio a woman from rural Ireland disgusted with the way that young girls walking naked in O'Cornell street because the woman think their wear is not decent. As politicians you suppose to be grown up in a decent religious and conservative society in Ireland.

2 Secularism is today’s government slogan they claim that government officials don’t interfere with religions, and pay every respect to them. Yet we find religion interfered with!

3 Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of security to everyone (man and women). Headscarf is what women will wear because of her belief. If secular regimes will take away such a freedom, then secular is tilting towards dictatorship.

4 We as Muslims living in Ireland don’t feel that the Irish have any problem with the hijab, the Irish people are used to have nuns and religious people.

5 Hijab in school does not interfere with the pupil’s work and does not interfere with the teacher giving the lessen and it blends very well with the uniform. There is no problem with Hijab in schools.

6 Politicians should never interfere with a religious act that does not harm anyone. Specially when it is a way of life like Hijab.

7 You will alienate Muslim parents and they will pull their daughters from the government schools. This has a very negative effect on integration and pushing them into the other side. You defeat the object of being a secular regime which it should encamps all faiths and let them live in perfect harmony.
Being target it, is always make you vulnerable, and vulnerable people can't feel safe. you as a politician have taken it to look like “if you don’t like it get out of the country” what about the Irish and the British Muslims who originally are white and adopted the faith.They have the right to the country like anyone else.

8 School uniform is adhered to by the young Muslim girls, and kept the way it should be rightly. There is no problem in wearing it and the headscarf blends with it.
Why should politicians interfere with Hijab:
Headmasters and headmistresses always commented good on girls with headscarf never there is any problem. So why you need to interfere with it as a politician. If any school wishes to stop Hijab then let that school take the parents to the court to stop their child wearing Hijab or find an alternative school.

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